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The cadet training handbook places you in the command chair of the federation starship constellation where you will learn the skills of a starship commander in easytomanage steps. This strategy game is now abandonware and is set in a realtime, scifi futuristic and space flight. Star fleet battle manual is a 1977 board game published by gamescience gameplay. Summon your skills in strategy, combat, diplomacy, and leadership to master the dangerous universe of star trek fleet command. The first four scenarios are solo and each gives the player newly learned rules to put into play. Star fleet battles is a licensed tactical simulator board game based on elements of the classic star trek television series and the star fleet technical manual. Starfleet command puts you in the captains chair for an amazing realtime space combat experience. A detailed spacecombat simulation board game based on the original series of star trek. This work is noted as providing the basis for the star fleet universe series of games. The star trek star fleet technical manual is a reference book, ostensibly created as a compilation of material accidentally transmitted by the uss enterprise during the events of tomorrow is yesterday, and detailing the technology of the 23rd century. Experience a 30 year campaign that can take you as far as becoming a rear admiral in control of a task force including destroyers, heavy cruisers, and dreadnoughts. You will have the opportunity to command ships from many empires as you enter the universe of star fleet battles.

Easily confused with the more widely know star fleet battles which lou helped to get published, it has a much different feel instead of. Unfollow star fleet battles to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. This book does focus primarily on star fleet battles, providing rules, scenarios, a campaign, and tactics. Star fleet technical manual pdf free download epdf. This is a free download database with nearly 50 files with a total of. Based on a strategy board game, star fleet battles, star trek. Star fleet battles cadet training manual forums general subject. Individual downloads direct links to pdf files cadet freighter ssd freighter for use with the cadet training handbook cadet training. Star fleet command is the tactical, shiptoship combat simulator set in the world of star trek. These range from single to multiplayer experiences both offline and online.

Additional material and instructions are contained in the star fleet officers training manual see p. Jun 29, 2012 updated edition of star fleet battle manual after almost 20 years lou zocchis star fleet battle manual will be getting an update. A playing area of perhaps 8 feet square is the minimum requirement, 12 feet square is better, with a bare floor or very short carpet. Still in publication after 40 goddamn years, star fleet battles is based on the original star trek teevee series, and includes the kzinti from the animated series because they had the rights to it because larry niven recycled one of his stories in tas. There is even info from the designers and pocket editions here. Star fleet battles tactics manual task force games 3025 rpg. Bases and auxiliaries for all races by amarillo design bureau. The current edition is published by amarillo design bureau as star fleet battles, captains edition. This is the fourth edition in the star fleet battles series, and it is the current edition. Star fleet battles sfb is a tactical board wargame set in an offshoot of the star trek setting called the star fleet universe. Saladin class destroyer and hermes class scout franz joseph designs, originally from the starfleet technical manual and later star fleet battles. Jun 29, 2015 star fleet battles tactics manual scifi addict. Preface this one hundred and ninetieth edition of ships of the star fleet continues the tradition of this publication in providing the most comprehensive data on the ships of the line of star fleet.

Star fleet battle manual 3rd edition gamescience drivethrurpg. This site hosts discussion and news about star fleet battles and other star trek universe games, free of the censorship on the adb bbs. Star fleet battles cadet training handbook by stephen v. The star trek star fleet technical manual isbn 0345340744, ballantine books 1975, reprinted 1986, 1996, 2006 is a fiction reference book by joseph schnaubelt franz, about the workings of starfleet, a military, exploratory, and diplomatic organization featured in the television series star trek. Experience a 30 year campaign that can take you as far as becoming a rear admiral in contr. Available as free pdf online star fleet battles cadet. Then buy star fleet battles basic set and take on the. What are the races of star fleet battles fasha races and others.

These resources have been used by our engineers to create the specifications and information on this website. What you saw on the screen, you can do for yourself. Star fleet battles sfb from amarillo design bureau. Sfb basic set 5501 first product in the sfb game system. Littleknown today, star fleet battle manual sfbm is easily confused in name with the much more complex star fleet battles boardgame. The printout version of the star fleet technical manual, as used by the star fleet academy, is a collection of only those technical orders necessary to the indoctrination of new cadets until such time as they have become experienced in the use of the data readout stations of mastercomsfhq. Starship name registry editors notes, 7 may 07 edition this list is not complete and a few products have never had. Free shipping on many items browse your favorite brands. There have been two major reprintings of the rules, each of which incorporates some errata and cleanup in the rules in 1999 and 2005. Red, white and blue tangling web finishing run recapture the. Theta fleet engineering has many technical manuals and guides that are available to read or download. Status of scn 1112014 it has been over a year since i did any real updates to the pages of starship combat news so you might be. But god hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. You will learn much more during your regular studies.

This pdf includes counters, charts, ship system displays ssds, and rules. Federation commander fc, by the same developers is a better system. Status of scn 1112014 it has been over a year since i did any real updates to the pages of starship combat news so you might be wondering what is up. The inchthick book has rules for damn near everything, but it reads like the lovechild of your cars owners manual and vcr instructions. It has multiple articles on gameplay strategy, all written by various players, and all edited to a high standard of quality. In 1989, interstel corporation publishes star fleet ii. Enter a galaxy on the brink of war as federation, klingon, and romulan forces vie for control of the alpha and beta quadrants. Newly updated for 2012, module t2012 is the replacement for module t2000 first released in 2000. Updated edition of star fleet battle manual senseless pastimes. Currently we have the following materials available on warehouse 23, drivethru rpg, or wargame vault.

All of these are of major importance to the effectiveness of the star fleet. Starlist opponent locator find local opponents tactics links upload your own tactical essay. The cadet training handbook places you in the command chair of the federation starship constellation where you will learn the skills of. First published in 1972 as the star trek battle manual you can imagine how long that title lasted, then reissued in 1977, with an update and revised edition in 1993. As you continue through the handbook, the mysteries of the romulan cloaking device, klingon disruptors, and other unique weapons will be made clear. Each successful mission gains you prestige and furthers your career. Warehouse 23 is your online source for games and geek toys. Starfleet command gold edition puts you in the captains chair of a frigate. Each player in the game will personally command one starship or sometimes more which he will use in various scenarios to perform assigned missions. As a prerequisite to studying this mdnual, i suggest that you read the star fleet officers manual, volume one. Below is a brief description of the available downloads.

Star fleet battles sfb is a tactical board wargame set in an offshoot of the star trek setting. Loubet commented that i might have enjoyed it more if i had never played star fleet battles. Transport tug and pod a franz josephtech manual design. Ive already watched it disappearing from cons, and they certainly havent been publishing much for it recently, preferring to repurpose existing material for sfb litefed commander. Star fleet battle manual is a miniatures game where the players is in. Please note that these manuals are very treknology heavy and you might find some of them rather confusing. Despite the completeness of these manuals, we have purposely left a few things out for you to discover on your own. Star fleet battle manual 3rd edition command a starship in high adventure on the frontiers of space. Cadet training handbook available take a seat in the captains chair. After almost 20 years lou zocchis star fleet battle manual will be getting an update. So far, ive worked my way through the first three scenarios of cadet and can attest that if you are curious of the sfb ruleset this is a good tool to aid in your decision.

Task force games released this supplement to ease new players into the complex game system of the star fleet battles series. Star fleet battle manual is a 1977 board game published by gamescience. The war begins, you are a cadet fresh out of starfleet academy and have assigned to command your first u. Includes federation, klingon, romulan, kzinti, gorn, tholian, and orion. Fronted by steve jackson games on behalf of the illuminati, it offers a wide variety of roleplaying games, card games, and board games from many different companies. Generally speaking, the idea was to create half size ships which would in theory be easier and faster to play. Finally, a starship combat game worthy of the name star trek. If youve not played star fleet battles, its a board game with a huge set of rules which tries to account for multiple shiptoship combat in the star trek. Crawling around on the floor, and spatial skills for estimating firing angles make the game unlike most of its cousins. As far as i can tell, the online community at sfbol were the last people playing. In 1996, star fleet battles cadet training manual was redone, and renamed star fleet battles cadet training handbook and it is now free to download at. Its regarded as the most detailed simulation of shiptoship interplanetary combat, which can be a good thing and a bad thing.

I am trying to make a complete construction manual for ship for all races use in both fasha and star fleet battles that is one big job. Discover an ancient secret that could tip the scales of power forever. Companion games mechad ship recognition manual obscure sfb gaming. Jun 27, 2015 ive been dithering betweeen star fleet battles and federation commander. The publishers of the 190 th edition of ships of the star fleet are indebted to the members of team. The lead product of star fleet battles captains edition. Tarawa class assault transport my design for a large assault carrier. This is a great book, probably one of the best and most interesting star fleet battles books on the market. Pledge your allegiance to the united federation of planets, the klingon empire, the romulan star empire, the hydran kingdom, the gorn confederation or the lyran star empire. Below are some links and files containing old rpg and tech fandom manuals. We are currently out of stock but we have both on order. Also published on mac, commodore 64, amiga, atari 8bit and atari st, this strategy game is abandonware and is set in a scifi futuristic, turnbased and space flight. Playbyemail playtesting test new ships, rules, and scenarios play sfb online.

Star trek, star fleet battles, sci fi art, and other stuff. Basic set is the core of the star fleet battles sfb game system. This information has been organized to make it easy for the reader to locate the data desired. These races are from the board game from which sfc gets much of its inspiration, star fleet battles. Sfb has been a popular, longrunning franchise since its beginnings in the premovie star trek years. The federation is currently at war with krellans and zaldrons, so choose your first ship from the federation starport and prepare for your first mission. Star fleet battle manual is a miniatures game where the players is in control of one or more starships, playable on any large flat surface. Do you need someone to show you how to use the client. Player services staff page instructions for mail orders rangers demo team show our games in your local store, recruit new opponents. I stayed with it a long, long time, all the way thru the first boxed set beautiful cover of a fed ca blasting a rom warbird and thru the first doomsday edition, thru the long period where everyone at my local stores called sfb dead due to the paramount bs not battlestation and was happy to get the first new cl in a couple years, with the were back. The federation is currently at war with krellans and zaldrons, so choose your. Cadet training handbook available star fleet battles. Starfleet command uses a great deal of the sfb material, but has also made some changes and enhancements. These can be identified by a year printed on the lower part of the front cover.

Star fleet battles cadet training manual board game. The cadet training manual and cadet training handbook were done as a way to get players into the complicated star fleet battles game system. Liqd is the easiest and best board game marketplace to sell used board games online, like star fleet battles cadet training manual. This mode sets players against a preselected fleet of ships controlled by a computer opponent of varying difficulty levels.

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