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The inhibition of mother tongue interference in foreign. Manual written annotation of paperbased texts after using swans. Mother tongue interference is a phenomenon viewed by many scholars as, mother tongue. Abstract the purpose of this study is to identify the errors in writing committed by malay esl learners which can be attributed to mother tongue interference. Pdf the interference of first language and second language.

This interrelatedness is not s pecific to arab students, wang 199 also investigated the use of referen ces inl1chinese and their effect. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your mother tongue essay. The objective of this study is to identify the errors in writing committed by malay esl learners which can be attributed to mother tongue. Mothertongue interference means the effect of the learners native language on. Interference of mother tongue in learning english as second language submitted by me for the degree of doctor of philosophy is a record of research work done by me under the guidance of dr. Language transfer also known as l1 interference, linguistic interference, and. Mother tongue is the language that one learns from his parents when he is a baby. Members of the privy council of the united kingdom 289. The effect of efl learners mother tongue on their writings in. Arabic language interference to learning english arab world.

Therefore, chinese english learners are less likely to pronounce english sounds correctly because their similar chinese sounds influence a lot. L1 refers to arabic language as a mother tongue language. Pdf the objective of this study is to identify the errors in writing committed by malay esl learners which can be attributed to mother tongue. Implications for pedagogy 283 the population of the country. Pdf mother tongue interference in the writing of english. English may help the learners to reduce interference from their first language. Index termsphone, phoneme, phonology, mother tongue interference, chinese dialects, english pronunciation, college english teaching and learning. Ramakrishnan, hod, department of english, vinayaka missions kripananda variyar engineering college, salem.

An experience which enables him to master, assimilate and internalize the. Learning english as second language to speak, read and write is very difficult for the learners hailing from the rural areasbecause when they learn english at school,their mother tongue is holistically internalized. The effects of the efl learners mother tongue interference on. Mother tongue interference into learning english as a. Languages teaching and learning, treux pdf, numero. Pdf mother tongue interference in the writing of english as a. Pdf the effect of efl learners mother tongue on their.

One of these problems is mothertongue interference in arabicnative speakers acquisition of the english articles. Novice spanish students who are native englishspeakers may produce a. When teaching english as a second language, problems of mothertongue interference arise. Language transfer is the application of linguistic features from one language to another by a. As the studies related to l1 interference have received considerable attention in thai context, this section. In addition, some fraction of the population is made up of other languages that are nevertheless able to speak at least one of the major languages as an additional.

In this video robin walker explains how we can use the mother tongue to help our students produce sentences. Interference from the mother tongue is is a substantial factor in accounting for mistakes in aspiration, stress, and intonation in the target language. This is not surprising to the fact confirmed by brudiprabha 1972 stating, onethird of errors are caused from negative interference of l1. First language has different names such as, mother tongue, native. Pdf one of the most important and fascinating aspects of human. Mother tongue interference in the writing of english as a second. Contrastive analysis is concerned with the study of a pair of languages with the aim of discovering their structural similarities and differences. Mothertongue interference in the acquisition of english. A study of mother tongue interference in pronunciation of college. Thus, the outcome of the work will spoil the purity and decrease the prestige of bahasa melayu. One crucial feature of l2 learning is that the learner has had experience of another language. Mother tongue is ones native language which is learned by children and passed from one generation to another. Therefore, this research is done to analyse the interference of mother tongue l1 linguistics elements in the graduates translation materials, especially from the aspects of lexical.

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